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Welcome to The Guinea Pig Store!  TGPS is here to assist you with your guinea pig needs.  Our intention is to provide safe and healthy products that are highly recommended for your guinea pigs. TGPS will also be a place to find appropriate sized cages to provide an adequate home for your guinea pigs.

For any questions or concerns about your guinea pigs or guinea pig products, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@theguineapigstore.ca



"My name is Kathy Dunka and I am the creator of the The Guinea Pig Store. I am also a foster home for Piggles Guinea Pig Rescue since 2012.  This online store was created to help our adopters find proper cages and products for their guinea pigs.  Since then, we are now servicing guinea pig owners all across Canada. 

A large part of The Guinea Pig Store are the people who create the products.  Many of the products are handcrafted.  TGPS crew includes, my husband, my 2 daughters plus many friends we have met along the way of rescuing animals. Together we bring you TGPS!

Last but not least I must mention my fur family.  This includes 17 guinea pigs.  Some I have adopted (repeat offender of foster failing) , some are rescued from Kijiji (elder pigs specifically),  and some are perms-pigs with Piggles Rescue that are not adoptable due to medical issues.   I also have adopted two chinchilla's, 4 bunnies, 2 dogs and 3 cats. 

It is a house full of love and daily animal antics!"



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